Welcome to CHeBA HUT: Where the only thing fried is the occasional customer!

Cheba Hut Toasted Subs was founded in 1998 by Scott Jennings. Scott opened the first store near the campus of Arizona State University where he attended college. As a delivery driver, Scott noticed a severely underserved market for late night deliveries. Food that was delivered on campus usually lacked in quality. He also noticed that on most of his late night deliveries, his customers were…um…inhaling! Scott put two and two together and developed the Cheba Hut “Toasted” Subs concept. Today, Scott leads the ever growing franchise community as President and CEO.

Each Cheba Hut offers unique, one of a kind sandwiches, signature salads and incredible munchies you just can’t find anywhere else. Our proprietary recipes really set us apart from the other sandwich concepts out there. The proof is in our happy customers and growing sales.

The idea behind what we do at Cheba Hut is simple, we provide our customers with great food and a one of a kind eating experience in a relaxed atmosphere.

The Cheba Hut experience starts the moment you walk in the front door. You are greeted by friendly employees, you smell the toasted sandwiches baking in our ovens and hear great music throughout the store. This is all build up for the main attraction… tasting the incredible food! Whether you order a Pinner of White Widow or a Blunt of The Kind, you can’t miss. There is something for everyone on the menu and each store has its own unique offerings.

Cheba Hut is the ideal QSR franchise opportunity. Our system wide sales are high, our operating costs are low and we encourage our operators to be themselves and bring their own personality and individuality to the concept. In an industry with excessive initial investments and high ongoing costs, we at Cheba Hut strive to keep your initial investment as low as possible in order to help you realize your return on investment sooner. The ongoing royalties at Cheba Hut are 33% lower than most other QSR franchises and the ongoing support is provided by industry veterans with measurable track records of success. We are 100% dedicated to the development and success of our franchise community.